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Tube clip info: Is it a dream?

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Info: Some dopey dude is trying to chat our gal pal up. He is talking about football and she is uninterested and bored. Dude tries to find something to say. He takes a chance and strokes her thighs. To his surprise she allows it and offers him the opportunity to play with her feet. She likes it as he wonders aloud what will happen if he wanted to see more. She plays along and tells him all he has to do is wish for it.She is down to pantyhose and bra in short order and allows him to take liberties with those very large, very sexy, breasts. She teases her own nipples to a point while he watches and admires. He thinks he is having a dream. But is it a dream?
| Duration: 2:01 | Tags:sexy dude opportunity

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