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Info: Our lovely and vivacious brunette is having quite the conversation on the phone. See how her eyes sparkle. See her jiggly tits, too. Hmmm... wonder what she is going to do next? The hot brunette is definitely a tease. Shes flirtatious as can be, and she leads on the guy on the other end of the phone as she toys with her body and works her sly, questing fingers down, down, down, past her bellybutton, and all the way to her cunny, talking to the guy all the while. Saying that harder is better and deeper is better too, our little minx turns on the guy at the other end... and herself at the same time. She plays with her pussy and squirms as she lies on the couch, giving hot phone to the lucky dude at the other end. Who will get off first?
| Duration: 2:01 | Tags:dude way pussy

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