Nylon fetish videos
Nylon fetish videos!

Tube clip info: dark girl. Indian perhaps.

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Info: Our gal could have come from India or Pakistan or one of those places. She is certainly not with the Taliban, though. This dark beauty would not enjoy covering this gorgeous body with anything. She wants you to see it .If shoulder tattoos are a sign of availability, then come and get it. Sitting on a wooden bench on the beach, lighting a cigarette, stroking her hair and showing all of her nylon clad legs. She knows the camera is there and she plays to it – lovely.Shows as much as she dares on a bench in the out of doors. Her feet glide on the bench as her hose get wrinkled. She plays with the nylon and savors the smooth feeling, gives you a peek, then walks away across the beach while you just cant take your eyes off her…
| Duration: 2:02 | Tags:nylon legs smooth

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